Super Engineering Plastics (Super Enpla) are expensive and carry a risk in processing, making it a truth that not all manufacturers can easily undertake. At Kubopura, we prioritize maximizing cost benefits in Super Enpla processing, striving to produce as many processed products as possible from a single material.

Furthermore, for Super Enpla with high hardness, a cutting method and know-how that does not cause bursting is necessary. However, at Kubopura, we can manufacture with stable quality thanks to our abundant processing experience.

Main Super Engineering Plastics We Handle

PEEK, PPS, PSU, PAI, PI (Vespel), PES, PEI, PTFE (Teflon), PFA, PCTFE (Daiflon)

Super Engineering Plastics (Super Enpla) often come with a high price tag. Indeed, compared to regular engineering plastics, Super Enpla are more expensive, but they have their advantages. When considering the properties of Super Enpla, they have better heat resistance than regular engineering plastics. We look forward to your inquiries about Super Enpla.